e-Enabled IT Project has long lasting effect on Indian as well as Global perspective

Indian e-project e-Aadhar is really gaining momentum in many way. Government is taking serious interest in e-Enabled UID project and launching whole lot of schemes in and around e-Aadhaar project. Below is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh speech video 10 minutes long, delivered during the direct cash transfer project -

The MP Speech on e-Aadhar is sufficient enough to show the prime importance of the mega IT e-UID project promised to cater poor needy citizens.

I here by request people in the e-forum to come up with their idea / experience on e-UID drive.

Tell me about e-uidcard making

Want to get euid for ration card making

Give details of making e-uidcard


Want to get eaadhar card at the earliest

What are ways of getting the id card?


"An All In One Identity" called eAadhaar

Aadhaar scheme is an initiative taken by the government of India to provide every resident of India with a unique identity. The implementation and the effectiveness of the aadhaar scheme is taken care of by the” Unique Identification Authority of India”, an agency of the government of India. The agency was established in the year 2009 with a mission of successful implementation of the eaadhaar scheme and with a vision of providing every resident of India, a unique identification.

UIDIA-Aadhaar Cards at what cost?

For a country like India which has the second largest population in the World. It is not going to be an easy task to achieve the desired result of bringing the entire population under the scheme and it is going to be an uphill task and also cost a huge amount of Expenditure. Initially a whopping 500 crores was earmarked for a period of five years to begin with.
According to information available the allocation of funds are for the following

The New Actualization in India - eAADHAR

What is eAADHAR - Let's talk - I would love to live in a free world. Where I would go to work in the morning in my country and have lunch and dinner in two other separate countries consecutively, without time limit, proof of documents or even consulting with the embassy. But to my detriment, I will never find that haven because all countries in the world have rules, constitutions and laws that all its citizens; birth or registered are expected to adhere to. In most countries, when teenagers attain the age of sixteen or eighteen they are considered adults.

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