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"An All In One Identity" called eAadhaar

Aadhaar scheme is an initiative taken by the government of India to provide every resident of India with a unique identity. The implementation and the effectiveness of the aadhaar scheme is taken care of by the” Unique Identification Authority of India”, an agency of the government of India. The agency was established in the year 2009 with a mission of successful implementation of the eaadhaar scheme and with a vision of providing every resident of India, a unique identification.

The New Actualization in India - eAADHAR

What is eAADHAR - Let's talk - I would love to live in a free world. Where I would go to work in the morning in my country and have lunch and dinner in two other separate countries consecutively, without time limit, proof of documents or even consulting with the embassy. But to my detriment, I will never find that haven because all countries in the world have rules, constitutions and laws that all its citizens; birth or registered are expected to adhere to. In most countries, when teenagers attain the age of sixteen or eighteen they are considered adults.

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