UIDIA-Aadhaar Cards at what cost?

For a country like India which has the second largest population in the World. It is not going to be an easy task to achieve the desired result of bringing the entire population under the scheme and it is going to be an uphill task and also cost a huge amount of Expenditure. Initially a whopping 500 crores was earmarked for a period of five years to begin with.
According to information available the allocation of funds are for the following

1. Appointment of Registrars to carry out the enumeration across the country in all the states and Union Territories.
2. Assisting them to purchase/create infrastructure facilities to facilitate smooth and speedy acquirement of requisite details in the specified format.
3. Training and appointing filed staff who will be directly interacting with the appicants.
4. Publicity in the local media and other related expenditure..

A total sum of 330 cores has been so for spent and has instilled interest and enthusiasm across all types of people across the country who have already enrolled themselves with much enthusiasm and expectations. Awareness had been created in major cities and towns and by word of mouth more and more people are enrolling them in the process. It is with much appreciation to be be noticed that many banks have also come forward to offer the service to their clients and also others which will pave way for a much faster momentum because of their presense across the country and news will spread to others slow but steadily.

While it is not an easy task to accomplish in a country like India where illiteracy and poverty are predominant the valiant efforts fo the government has bebb welcomed by all walks of the society and it is the duty of all concerned to make the project a success and reap the desired results as was envisaged. No doubt there will be definitely a spiraling raise in the cost of the project but it worth every paisa spent as it is going to crate a World Class UADIA for every Citizen of India at par with the Most advances nations like USA, UK etc. at the fastest and cheapest mode for the fact of which every Indian can feel proud of.

While the Government is more proactive and positive in making the scheme a great success they should allocate more funds for a wider publicity to reach the common man in the nook and corner of the country and create an awareness to enroll and enjoy the bounty of benefits that may flow from the schme..

As per the available figures the number of people enrolled is a meager 44,70,735 which needs a major up thrust to achieve the goal which totally rests with each and every Indian Citizen. Let us all pledge ourselves to make all possible effort to spread the message and try to get the entire nation gets a facelift by achieving the goal of identifying each Indian by the UIDIA.